born: milano, italy – 2/1960
residence: los angeles, ca
phone: +1.323.397.4198
skype: rmaio60

[1979} high school diploma {liceo scientifico respighi, piacenza]
[1985} b.s. in electrical engineering {politecnico, milano]
[1987 > 1988} independent studies in artificial intelligence and visual arts {university of california, san diego]
[1991} ph.d. in information science {politecnico, milano]

[1985 > 1991} research associate: human modeling and animation, information systems {politecnico, milano]
[1992 > 1994} technical director: tv production, animation software {rez.n8 productions, hollywood]
[1995 > 1996} senior animator: tv production, animation software {pacific data images, los angeles]
[1996 > 1997} software engineer: film production {walt disney feature animation, burbank]
[1997 > 2003} co-owner: tv, games, and web3d production, animation software {testarossa, los angeles]
[2003 > 2005} technical animator: film production {sony pictures imageworks, culver city
[2005 > now} freelance: web design and development {onedigitalfarm, los angeles]

[1985} student award, istituto lombardo accademia di scienze e lettere
[1987} fulbright grant, commission of cultural exchanges between italy and united states
[1998} sports emmy award for technical achievement in 3d graphics – motion capture
[2001} short list for game developer magazine front line awards in the category: innovative software tools for game production


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